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David Woods and Lennox J.

David Woods and Lennox J. All rights reserved. Last updated This is Apollo Control, Houston.

Want sum Houston morning dick

Although we are looking at a relatively blank Flight Plan for the remainder of the evening and expect a quiet evening, we will leave the release line up live at least for a while. If we continue to have long intervals between conversations with the crew, we will take the release line down and play back the tapes at periodic intervals. At 31 hours, 37 minutes into the flight; this is Apollo Control, Houston. Battery vent is - Battery compartment has been vented and we started charging Bat A at Comm break.

Got any idea what that might have been?

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We'll start checking. We don't see much out of the ordinary, Pete. We are on a low bit rate right now, and we will be in high bit rate shortly where we can look at things a lot more closely. About the only suspicious item is your O2 flow rate is just a shade high, but we see nothing else. We're venting the - the urine system - that new one, and we're just letting it run.

I'll go shut her off. Sure looks pretty though. The terminator looks like it's - it's kind of hard to tell from this Houstn - looks like it's passing somewhere just west of Tallahassee.

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It's just getting dark out here now. Your accumulator cycled just about the time you got that Master Alarm, so it may have been an O2 flow high, and you may have just had a flicker on your matrix panel. Very long comm break. This is Apollo Control, Houston; at 31 hours, 48 minutes mornig into the flight of Apollo Its present altitude,nautical miles [, km].

Music - 'Suspicious Minds' by Elvis Presley. We'll have some scores for you shortly. Do you read 12?

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Reading you loud and clear on voice. Did you get the transmission a little while ago? I think you lost our antenna about then. We can see it getting bigger and bigger all the time. I have a little sports news for you.

Want sum Houston morning dick

The Phoenix is still in a hold status; they apparently couldn't get past the thunderstorms. And here are some scores. Go ahead. And the scores on the West Coast are starting to come in now.

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Dick, you'll be happy to hear Washington and Southern Cal are tied 7 to moening in the third quarter, and Oregon is - in the third quarter - is ahead of oh - UCLA 10 to 7. Are you having bad weather generally over the country? Dick, I got bad news for you. A final: USC 16, Washington 7. I was about to bet you.

Want sum Houston morning dick

We currently show Apollo 12 at an altitude ofnautical miles [, km]. I've got a weather map here for the United States. All up through the northeast part of the country it mornint like it's either overcast or broken. And then in the Southeast and in the South and up through about the panhandle of Texas down into Florida it's all clear. And then, moving on further west, you get into New Mexico, Arizona, California, and rick begin to pick up overcast skies again, all the way from Montana all the way down to Arizona.

Montana has got a few broken and scattered clouds in the eastern side and then it's pretty bad over on the western side. Even with the monocular everything is now - moorning to be brown - and having a hard time picking out the land from the water, but it seems like that part of the country that we can see is pretty well covered with clouds. It looks like the whole West Coast is socked in [Pause. The weather system is a great big high sitting down over, oh, Gulfport - Biloxi area, so that's why we are so clear down in the Southeast.

And then everywhere else is mornng bad news. Appreciate that every Hokston if you could. Everybody is probably at supper right now, so probably catch them all at home. Long comm break.

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This is Apollo Control, Houston. We are at 32 hours, 10 minutes into the flight. You remember that? Full-Scale Mock-up Of Earth? Dick is referring to Jim Lovell's statement on Apollo 8. At GET during their penultimate orbit of the Moon, Lovell says "The vast loneliness up here of the Moon is awe inspiring, and it makes you realize just what you have back there on Earth.

The Earth from here is a grand oasis in the big vastness of space. The Apollo 12 spacecraft at this timenautical miles [, km] above the Earth.

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At this time we will take down the live release line and come up at periodic intervals with taped replays. We expect relatively quiet period with regard to conversation between our capsule communicator, Jerry Carr, and the crew. At 32 hours, 18 minutes into the flight of Apollo 12; this is Apollo Control, Houston. This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 32 hours, 42 minutes now into the flight of Apollo Since our last report, we have had no further conversation with the Apollo 12 crew, no doubt who are relaxing at this time after an active day and half in space.

Mission Control Center now at this time, they - what would appear to be a somewhat powered-down mode? Very little activity aside from the individual flight controllers looking at their displays; perhaps one or two having sandwiches being brought in to them. At present we show an altitude above the Earth for Apollo 12 atnautical miles [, km]. And at 32 hours, 43 minutes; this is Apollo Control, Houston.

While they're ginning up the answer, got some nice warm words for you on your SPS burn.

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Evaluation shows that your ISP is within one tenth of a second, and your thrust is within 20 pounds on that mornign so you got a real hummer there. I guess we can thank Mr.

Thibodaux [NASA propulsion expert] for that one. Joseph G. We're having a devil of a time finding a housekeeper up here.

Want sum Houston morning dick

He thinks he made Captain already, but he's got a surprise. Your next midcourse looks like about a foot per second. So I guess moorning we won't need to do any of those, huh?

Want sum Houston morning dick

Looks real good for here anyway. Another little gem of wisdom we got for you here, when you entered PTC, you collapsed your deadband when you used Verb 37 Enter to get the P00, so just as a little helpful reminder, we want you to remember that when you come out, you're going to zap to your Noun 22 attitude as soon as you activate your jets unless you come out in SCS.

What do you think now? I just redid a Verb You just cured it. I guess we called a P21 in there or something; we got curious to see how far out we were and that must have collapsed it. This is Apollo Control, Houston at 33 hours, and 9 minutes now into the flight Apollo At present the Apollo 12 spacecraft isSince our last status report of some 20 minutes ago we've had only brief conversations with the crew of Apollo Dick, you listening? How about Al, is he listening? I checked home for you and Sue got back this afternoon from the Cape.

She said to say yesterday was a pretty exciting day for her, kind of wet, too.

And she wanted to let you know that she had attended a birthday dinner party that was honoring Vice President Agnew yesterday and had a real fine time. She says her Mom and Dad are there with her at home now.

Want sum Houston morning dick

They just finished dinner, and the kids are headed for bed, and she wishes you Godspeed. Pete, I guess Jane and the boys are And Dick, you up? Barbara says that Barb and Norman and your mother are all there now, and everybody's doing fine, and they've had enough excitement for a while, thanks. And if you don't mind, they just as soon you lay off the spectaculars. What in the world has happened?

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