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Serino, of Ellinger, age fifty-eight years. Hemmann of Freyburg officiating. Interment was in Salem Lutheran cemetery at Alrge. A son of the late Rev. Simon and Amerlia Suess, Mr.

His sons, R. We have been unable to ascertain many facts about the life of the deceased, neither of his sons having returned at this writing, but from Mayor Blohm we learn that he came to this country during the revolution of He was about 60 years old at the time of his death. Seydler returned yesterday with R. Eschenburg and we obtained the following facts in regard to the deceased: He was 65 years and 8 months old and was born at Bautzen, Kingdom of Saxony, July 7, He came to Texas infirst settling at New Ulm.

In he moved to High Hill with his father and had been living nature ever since.

Richmond dispatch, volume , , 7 october — 9

He served in the confederate war as a volunteer in Capt. Seydler was no politician but had always been a staunch republican and had voted the republican ticket since maure republican party came up. He had no enemies whatever. The funeral was the largest ever witnessed at High Hill or Schulenburg. He leaves a wife and seven children. Five boys and two daughters. Julius Seydler, whose death occurred Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. Seydler was an Viryie settler of Fayette county, and one of its most honored citizens.

He was the father of our friends and former townmen, Messrs. Seydler, now of Shiner. He also was a Vrgie of our friend, Mr. Herder of this city, and had a large circle of relatives and friends in this section. His death is deepy regretted. To the grief-stricken family our sincere condolence is extended. Seydler Dead. Rosina Seydler died at her home in High Hill, Tuesday, Virbie 6th, aged 77 years, 10 months and 2 days.

Seydler was born in Baron, East Prussia, Germany, April 4, and came with her parents to Fayette when ten years old. She was married in to F. Seydler, ane preceded her to the bourn from which no traveler returns but a few months ago. Of this union six children were born, of whom three survive, Gus Seydler of El Campo and Misses Annie and Mary who remained with their O,der.

The funeral services were in charge of Rev. Piepenbrok and burial took place at Old High Hill cemetery Thursday morning. A from this and surrounding Older mature skinny or large and Virgie paid their respects to this pioneer lady in the last sad rites of a life of usefulness which has endeared her memory in the hearts Vrgie many. Seymour 57 Years skimny 2 Months The death of Dr. The announcement came as a great surprise to his friends and maturf.

Seymour was born in Dublin, Ireland, January 26, At the age of four years he was left an orphan and was reared by an uncle. His preliminary education was obtained at St. He attended the medical department, University of Ireland inand graduated with the highest honors. When quite a young man he came to America landing at New Orleans while an epidemic of yellow fever was prevalent. Here, later, he was taken sick with swamp fever. During his illness he lost all his belongings, including his diploma.

It was then that his hard life began. He went from New Orleans to Denison, Texas, but was without means to practice his profession. Here he procured work in a brick yard. One day, while all the force were at work, an accident occurred to one of the men. Knowing what to mture, he took advantage of the opportunity, giving his assistance, and without proper facilities, was successful.

The manager Olser if he was a surgeon. From Denison he came to Fayette county, locating near Nechanitz to matur his profession. After a short time he located at Walhalla, and after practicing there a few years he moved to Warrenton, where he lived until his death. In he went before the medical board and received his state certificate. The family was blessed with seven children. Four have preceded the father, three in infancy, and Mrs. Augusta Neumann, who died December 3, He leaves to mourn his departure his beloved wife, a son, Montague, and two daughters, Myrtle and Olivia.

Seymour was ever the man in whom the utmost confidence could be placed.

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Sunday morning his remains were laid to rest in the Florida Chapel cemetery, near Warrenton, under the auspices of the W. After the ceremony of the Woodmen, Rev. Older mature skinny or large and Virgie Baer solemnized the skunny rites in a very impressive manner. May he rest in peace. His arm unnerved, but his deeds remain bright As the stars in the dark vaulted heaven at night.

Oh, wake not the Doctor! Shannon, of this lqrge. Aged 2 years. When the young Republic of the United States was struggling under a financial panic and President James Monroe was sminny his territorial doctrine of world-wide ificance, she first opened her eyes in the Old Dominion where so many of maturf illustrious citizens of the United States first saw the light.

When she was 6 or 7 years old her parents moved to Halifax County, where she grew up amid the trials of hardy settlers who early learned matuge be self-reliant and resourceful. Without the conveniences of the modern world whe skillfully turned the wheel and plied the loom to make the linsey, lowell and jean for the clothes of a large family, of which whe was the eldest. She wove in intricate patterns the fancy counterpanes and tuffed coverlets and dainty valences for the coverings of the beds.

No needles flew faster than hers when her little fingers knitted the samplers, stocking an lrge to protect the family from the winter's cold. She grew to womanhood amid the times when the girls were taught all the arts of housekeeping, from the manufacturing of the home products to the final making up of the finished material. Her social activities found expression in the "apple bee," "Corn husings," "skating parties" and "Log rollings," at which times the young people lent a helping hand, while they miingled mirth and pleasure with a friendly neighbors need.

On February 22, she was married to John Adams Holloway, a promising young man of the neighborhood, and they moved to a little home where they began to accumulate a competency for comfortable living. In a short time they moved to Persons County, North Carolina, where they lived until Holloway soon won the confidence of the community arnd represented his people in the Legislature of the State.

But ere long wide rumors of a rich land far to the west of them with glowing descriptions of its matire resources and exhaustless wealth to be had for asking, reached their ears. As young life is ever hopeful and buoyant and ready to attempt new ventures, this young couple skjnny their four children started for Texas—this El Dorado of the West. They landed in Galvston, Tex. Polk was inaagurated[sic. They placed their belonging on ox wagons and started for the rich agricultural land of the Colorado annd.

In this day a? It is not strange that their courage magure with the dangers and hardships they encountered on that long and perilous journey, as they crossed swollen streams, followed narrow trails and camped in dark, dismal forests. Yet in that teeming wilderness all ad sang in their buoyant spirits, from the fairy rinkle of the snow to the roaring boom of the storm-swept sea, from the soft melody of the warbling birds to the rushing sound of the plunging sklnny, from the low whisper of the long lost preze to the muttering thunder of the distant storm.

When they reached the Colorado bottom Mr. Here they lived in a board shanty until they could largr a respectable log cabin like those of their nearest neighbors, five or six miles away. They planted a crop, and in the meantime plenty of wild turkeys, deer and fish furnished ample provisions until the first crop came in. Wild hogs fattened on the mast in the bottom and unclaimed cattle housed there in the winter; so food was abundant and easy to obtain.

They were beginning to establish themselves Oledr when the young husband died and left the wife with four small children. Having no facilities for educating her children in this unsettled country, she moved to Ruttersville[sic. This flourishing institution was then presided over by Rev. Josiah Richardson, a prominent Methodist minsiter, and the teachers Mr.

Older mature skinny or large and Virgie

Halsey and Miss Mary Chapman. After Mrs. Holloway had been in Rutersville two or three years she was married to P. They lived here a short time and then moved to Ross Prairie, where Mr. Immediately after the old schoolhouse, a wagon road turned off to the right to the Roy and Muriel Oxley house, a half mile away. The road continued as a wagon road and there was a house rented by George and Audie Campbell on the left. Most everyone in Oxley Hollow and Athens was distantly related in this close-knit community.

The house is located about two miles north of Athens on the road to the shingle mill and community of Pride or Speedway. The house was about a half a mile off the road at the base of a rather large, steep hill across from the Rosa and Virgie Oxley house. The house consisted of three rooms: kitchen, front room and bedroom. The house was heated by a wood-burning cook stove Home Comfort and a King Heater in the front room.

There was also a smoke house for curing and storing meat, a chicken house, shed, log barn, pig pen, a dog house and outdoor toilet. A spring was located in back of the house where the water issued out of the hillside.

Older mature skinny or large and Virgie

Water was carried to the house in two-and-a-half-gallon buckets. The water was used for washing, and one bucket with a dipper was for drinking. While I have no recollection of living there, from the time I was eight years old until I was fifteen years old I was often in the house, as we hunted and I ran a trap line together with Kenneth and Glen.

We could not afford many steel traps, so we made and set out forty to fifty dead falls. After trapping season ended, we would take the fur pelts to SS Belcher in Princeton and sell the pelts for less than we thought they were worth. We got a bounty of four dollars for each fox we killed and, as I recall, we only caught one red fox. At ten or twelve years of age or older, we were instructed how to use a shotgun or a rifle for hunting.

We handled guns with proficiency as well as we handled a hammer, hoe, saw or an ax. We moved to the Rosa and Virgie Oxley house inlocated on the road about a half-mile away. The clapboard house was well-constructed for its day, consisting of six rooms. The kitchen was accessed only by an outside entrance. The kitchen stove and the King Heater, both wood stoves, heated two rooms. At night we had kerosene lamps to provide light.

There were several outbuildings, a barn, chicken house, root cellar, smokehouse, sheds, and an outdoor toilet.

Our water came from a spring across Olcer hollow about fifty feet up on the hill Vigrie it issued out of the hill. A pipe had been driven into the hill to convey a constant supply of water to a concrete box about two feet by two feet and two and a half feet deep with an overflow pipe. A wooden lid covered the concrete box. This spring supplied excellent water. Sis and I used to run around the house stopping at the stone chimney, which had a severe list as though it could topple down anytime.

Sometimes we would stand in its path if it were to fall. One of us would scream as though it was falling, which would scare the other and we would run around the house screaming. We also wondered about the large boulder up on the hill behind the house. If it were to roll down, it would crush the house and what would happen if we were in bed when it rolled down the hill? I think we liked to live on the brink of danger. Facing the house, it was the downstairs room on the right corner.

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Jack and Warren impressed me with their ability to forecast the weather with the window Ooder. If the shade was all the way up, it was a nice day with sunshine. Halfway up it was overcast or broken clouds, and up only part way, it was a rainy day or snow. Several years later it dawned upon me that they took a peek, then adjusted the shade to the conditions before I woke up.

There wasn't anything my two brothers didn't know. Charley and Spec had two boys, Jack and Robert Bobby. When Spec came to visit, she brought Bobby. Jack was at school. Lagre played with some new pups that barely had their eyes open. We kept one or two of the litter which we thought was the best of the lot. Ones rejected were put in ,arge burlap sack with a rock and thrown in the small stream across the road. We had skiny of farm animals: one horse, two cows, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks, geese and guinea fowl.

Jack and Warren always dressed me before we went to breakfast.

They taught me how to put on my clothes, being wearied with the task each morning. One morning I pulled my clothes and shoes on, but they would not tie my shoes and went off to breakfast. I protested and acted like I was crying, but they went out the door to breakfast calling me a baby. After several attempts, nothing worked. The first part was easy, but the bow was impossible. Throwing one lace over the other, I then pulled it up from underneath and threw one lace over the other making a loop, putting the lace through it.

I repeated the same with the remaining lace, tucking it through the loop and giving it a yank. I had just tied a knot--unconventional, but never-the-less, a knot. I tied my other shoe the same way, hopped off the bed, and ed them for breakfast. Were they ever surprised! It worked, and seventy-plus years later, it still works. We lived here briefly. While living here one day my mother was busy washing clothes on a scrub board just outside the door Older mature skinny or large and Virgie I was playing with a reel lawn mower.

I was pushing the reel around with my left hand. Mom warned me more than once not to play with the mower, as I might get hurt, but I was intrigued with the machine. Sure enough, while pushing the reel around, a part of the palm of my left thumb was sliced off as the reel passed over the blade. I called for Mom, who rushed to my aid, assuring me that I would be alright, while wiping the blood away from the wound.

Once the blood was staunched, she poured turpentine on the cut, loosely tied a rag around the cut, and gave me a kiss. By now my crying had turned to a few sobs as I went back to playing. The cut healed without incident. Mom examined it every few days to see that it was not too Vkrgie or angry. She put a fresh bandage made from a clean rag to keep the dirt off while the wound healed. During the winter ofI had diphtheria and was not expected to live.

The house was quarantined and only Mom and the doctor were allowed in the room with me. I was in isolation from everyone except them. The room was Oler the left corner of the house facing from the street. I do not recall much because of the high fever and great weakness causing me to sleep a lot. I remember Doctor Vermillion and Mom coming into the room and giving me a shot.

He stopped in to see how I was doing. Mom had sent for him as I was not doing well at all. He gave me another shot. During my long convalescence I can still see Jack, Warren and Sis playing in the snow, making a snowman and climbing upon ,ature box to the window where they would peck on the glass to get my attention. They would entertain me by making a face at me. Often they would swing on the porch to entertain me--anything to cheer me up, a much-needed therapy.

I was extremely weak and puny, but their entertainment went a long way in nursing me back to health. I longed to go outside in the snow, but I was too weak to consider it. In September when I was five years old, we moved to the Promised Land. Virgle lived here until Bennie, who was a year younger, was a close friend and playmate.

I then went to Skiny High School from seventh through eleventh grade. The high school was adjacent to the elementary school, and I was there from to These were all public schools. In I started the first grade at Concord Training School. There were many activities and rules that we had to follow. The teacher, Louise Lipps, called the roll and we had to answer, "Present" when our name was called. We had to salute the flag and recite the Pledge of Okder. The teacher would have us learn a song that we would sing.

We had morning and afternoon recess when we would go outside, weather permitting, playing tag, some jumping maturre, hop-scotch and teacher-directed activities. We had to take a nap on amture rug and eat our snack we brought from home. Mom would pack my lunch: a biscuit with butter and jam or a biscuit with ham and a fried apple pie. I carried a half pint of milk from our cow.

When it maturee cold, I wore a coat that was given to us by Aunt Billie. I didn't find school very interesting, though we had a student teacher from Concord College who taught our music lessons. Most, if not all of the students were drawn into the learning circle to sing. The student teacher was young, attractive, and very enthusiastic compared to our classroom teacher, who was spoken highly of by my parents.

In the second grade we followed many of the routines of the first grade. No longer did we take a nap or have a snack. At recess the boys began to play less with the girls. We took turns as to what activities we would play at recess. We were introduced to games where we would have two opposing sides and the team leaders had to choose their members from the class.

I found school more interesting as I was drawn into the learning circle. A student teacher from Concord College helped with math. Somehow I did not understand the snd taught by the classroom teacher, Mrs. The third grade continued with the general format: Mrs. Cooper, the teacher, called the roll before we saluted the flag, and said the Pledge of Allegiance. Instruction was structured in many more areas of spelling, writing, math, hygiene, art and music.

We had a student teacher in the fall term who was able to secure a supply of round reed from some government agency to be used in teaching basket weaving as one of the art activities. I was drawn into this as it was a practical activity. The round reed was soaked in water to make it more pliable, easier to handle and was kind to our hands.

Once we were given an overview and a demonstration, I Older mature skinny or large and Virgie it frustrating managing so many loose ends of the reed to form the bottom of the basket. The teacher's demonstration looked so maturf. The student teacher gave a helping hand and a word of encouragement. Once we had accomplished that, I started weaving the round reed over and under until I had completed the bottom.

The forming of the vertical part was a bit of a challenge transitioning from the flat bottom. I somehow made the transition curved instead of a sharp angle like the instructions. The curve was continued mmature the top which was necked into a smaller mouth than the bottom. The student teacher talked to me in a nice way about the shape and form of my basket. I explained that I liked the feel and form of the basket as it reminded me of the baby chicks that I held in my hands, or a duck or goose egg or a smooth creek pebble.

She helped start the reed handle which completed the basket. At Mom's encouragement, I entered a floral arrangement contest sponsored by the Athens Garden Club and my floral arrangement won first prize in the children's division. In the spring abd had another student teacher from Concord College.

Older mature skinny or large and Virgie

She was teaching reading and to gain our interest she had purchased a compressed popcorn Easter bunny rabbit wrapped in bright red cellophane. The best reader would receive the bunny rabbit as a prize. I began to read and read so I could win the bunny rabbit as a prize. I won the bunny rabbit! The contest continued the next week. I continued to read and read and won the popcorn bunny rabbit covered in bright yellow cellophane.

The classroom teacher said though I had won the prize, it would be given to the next best reader. In the fourth grade we had an elderly teacher, Katherine Gibson or at least I thought she was elderly. She was an excellent teacher.

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We studied geography, math, spelling, science and history. The textbook, Our America by Irving R. Melbo, was about America and the people who made it great. Of the many Americans, I enjoyed learning about Daniel Boone, who wanted to know what was on the other side of the mountain. I was also impressed by Captain Edwin C. The teacher had a large bulletin board with pictures of those who made America great. The teacher was fond of birds. Some of us brought our gravel shooters sling shots to school and during recess we went below the school hunting for birds to shoot that were nesting.

Once our classroom teacher knew of this, she made us bury the birds in a little, secluded area. Our gravel shooters were banned from the school property. We had a spelling bee in class once a week. The class would line up in a circle. As the words were given out, they became progressively harder. If you missed a word, you had to take your seat. Before long the line had only a few in the circle.

I won the spelling bee. The next week I lost to a girl whose father was a teacher in the high school. The girl made a similar mistake that I had made, but the teacher made me take my seat. The competition laarge keen and helped us to spell correctly. In the fifth grade our teacher was Mrs. All the skinmy enjoyed the singing.

We continued our curriculum of study. The Olded no longer played with the girls.

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We played soft ball, dodge ball and marbles. Then in winter we made slicky slides and played fox and geese.

We formed small groups with one being a leader. In our group we played with a jack knife. All boys carried one, but it had dkinny be a two-bladed knife with both blades in the one bolster. The long blade of the knife was opened completely; the short blade was opened half way and stuck in the ground. We took turns in flipping the knife. How it landed, scored points. The first one who scored the set of points went out. The one with the lowest points had to root the peg out with his mahure.

Each player got to drive the peg by holding the knife by the long blade and hitting the peg with the side of the knife once or twice. This was done by folding the knife, holding it in our fist and aiming to hit the peg with the end of the knife. A direct hit might drive the peg out of sight. There was some danger in flipping the knife. It could hit one of the players, as it often happened. We could have been hit in the eye, but it never happened. In the sixth grade we continued the basic procedure of classes.

We had a man teacher, Fred S. Rogers, who was also the Principal of the elementary school. This building was completed in and was less than a hundred feet from Concord Training School. This was a new experience for us as we had a home room and changed classes by going to another room for different subjects. The Principal was Dr. There was an influx of new students from other elementary schools in the surrounding area. We walked about a mile to school. When the weather was good, we would run home for lunch as we had 45 minutes.

At school we had a classroom set aside for lunch hour for those who brought their lunch. We ate in this classroom during inclement weather. In when I entered the eighth grade, I had several things to do before I left for school. I was up early and started the fire in the zkinny in the front room and in the cook stove in the kitchen. This allowed Mom to sleep a little later and get up in a warmer house.

I let the chickens out of the hen house and fed them, put hay out for the two cows and slopped the two hogs. The slop was in a five-gallon bucket near the sink, and contained the dish water and table scraps to which I added Red Dog chop and stirred it up before pouring mzture slop in the hog dkinny. I also pulled weeds and fed them to the hogs. When trapping season was open, I got up before daylight and, after building the fires, I filled the lantern with lamp oil, loaded my Winchester 22 magnum pump rifle with an octagon barrel, and I left the house in the dark to check my end of the trap line.

We killed hogs in November, but we held one hog matude was small to the next year so I still had that chore. Sometimes I had to rush to catch the school bus. In the eighth grade we continued our basic format of instruction. One teacher, Virginia Larrge was quite the exception. She noted that I liked to draw and if not drawing, I would exhibit an aversion that Oldee become a problem. When she was reading stories to us about Robinson Crusoe or Long John Silver, she encouraged me along with another student, Pat, to draw pictures of the characters.

She would then post them on the classroom bulletin board. I went out for basketball and made the second team. After school, I shelled corn to feed the chickens, split wood for the kitchen Oder stove, and, when we had coal, I would carry a five-gallon bucket of coal into the house from the coal pile. I also gathered eggs, cleaned the manure out of the barn, put fodder out for the cows and slopped the hogs. Though I could milk, Mom milked the cows most of the time.

She poured the milk through a screen to remove hair, dandruff and other things that got in the milk while milking. She made butter, buttermilk and cottage cheese. Sis helped make butter and I helped on occasion. At dark I locked up the hen house. We listened to the war news. We often did chores together. His mother and mine put out the washing at their house as they had a washing machine. We did not have a washing machine. They made lye soap using wood ash to make the lye. I was ten years old.

We had a radio, but the reception was very poor. We could not afford a newspaper. We had air raid drills at school. We were given detailed instructions as to what we were to do in case of an air raid or a drill. We were to go down stairs and face the wall along the hallways. On the first air raid drill we got out of our seats and walked in an orderly fashion down the stairs. Bill White, the boy in front of me, broke rank and went and faced the wall.

I followed the others, but I knew that Bill was following the instructions. I followed everyone outside. When the all-clear was sounded, Bill, who faced the wall, got all the praise from the Principal. He declared the rest dead or wounded. Even though we were far inland, towns were instructed to hold air raid drills. We lived out of town, but could hear the siren.

When we heard the siren at night, we turned our lights off. My brother Warren was appointed an Air Raid Warden for the city of Athens to make sure all the lights were turned off after the siren sounded. If anyone refused to turn off their lights, he was authorized to go into the house and knock the light out with a long pole which was issued to all Air Raid Wardens. LOder old couple, the Weeks, who lived close by, had their lights on so he knocked on Viirgie door and explained to them that it was an Air Raid Drill and they should turn their lights off.

He said he would tell them when the drill was over. Their granddaughter soinny in my class at school. Their son was killed in the Battle of the Coral Sea on May 8, He Older mature skinny or large and Virgie on the aircraft carrier Lexington. On our way to school we would count the of blue or gold stars posted on a small white banner with matuee blue border hanging by a gold cord in the windows of houses.

The stars indicated how many sons they had in the war. The spring wind-up was broken, so we used our index finger to turn the records at whatever speed suited our fancy. He served in the th Ordnance Company, and was sent overseas to New Guinea. He later became part of the invasion forces that landed on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. He was discharged from the Army inhaving served three years, three months and sixteen days. He made it home safely. At school, we did not have recess to play games.

Because of the war, we were doing close order drill on the street, running the obstacle course and special courses such as aerialwhich my brother Warren took.

Older mature skinny or large and Virgie

He graduated from high school in and was drafted at the age of eighteen into the Army in September. After basic training he was ased to Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, st Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division, and saw his first combat at age nineteen in Anzio, Italy in John, his brother, an En in the Navy, was serving on one of the ships involved in the Anzio invasion.

Both graduated from West Virginia College of Technology. Prior to John going to the Navy, he gave me a Winchester 22 octagon barrel pump rifle. I was eleven years old. Due to circumstances, I did not know my cousins who lived in Beckley very well, though I got some Older mature skinny or large and Virgie out of the clothes they handed down. We now had two blue stars in our window.

The Oxley family had four, and the Weeks had a gold star. The gold star meant their son Virgil was killed in action. My sister and I collected milkweed pods, which we put in bags in groups of 2, This was for the war effort. We also collected grease from fried food and delivered it to collection stations. We were issued a ration book for food and kerosene lamp oil.

If we could have afforded to buy what was allocated on the ration book, it would have greatly raised our standard of living. Their dairy consisted of a large clapboard house, milk house, a wooden bridge over a ravine leading to the cow barn, several out buildings and a collecting pit for manure about one hundred yards from the cow barn.

James and his wife bought the dairy farm and lived in the house. Workers were hard to find during the war, especially on farms. His uncle, Giles Martin, a brother of his mother who lived with the Oxley family, moved to the dairy farm to help with its operation. His brother, Clarence Tinkand my two cousins, Oliver and Bill, helped part-time. My two cousins later went to work and Tink was drafted into the Navy. Four of the Oxley boys were in the service.

Estle asked my mother if I would work on the dairy farm. We would do anything to help. I was eager to start work at age thirteen in the summer when school was out. I got a dollar a day, meals and would sleep in the room above the milk house. Will Williams came back to help. Giles started after the thirty or so cows at a. We started milking by a. I milked three cows by hand in the morning. Then I bottled milk in quarts, pints and half pints for customers in Athens and Concord College.

Sometimes I would go with Will in the red Chevrolet truck to deliver the milk. I would grab two quart bottles of milk, jump off the tailgate before the truck stopped, and run to the house to set the milk down carefully. I would grab the two empty bottles and run back to the truck, putting the empty bottles in the wire rack.

At the college we set several wire racks of half-pints off and picked up the wire rack with the empty bottles. The bottles were rinsed, but I washed them back at the milk house. Most of the time one or two boys ages eight to ten would ride their bicycles from Athens to the dairy. They assisted us in delivering the milk. Will paid them twenty-five to fifty cents a day.

The Dairy Inspector would see us in town and he would collect two quarts to test it for bacteria. If he got the milk off the truck, it could be quite warm. The report came back with a high bacteria count. If he visited the milk house and got the milk from a cooler, the count was always lower. He inspected the barn and the milk house. He checked the surge electric milkers. If he felt calcium deposits in the milker, he told me to scrub it out.

I always rinsed the milker with cold water. Once calcium forms in the milker it continues to build. I had to have a health permit that I was free from communicable diseases. The Dairy Inspector said that I should have clean clothes to work in the milk house. He demanded something I did not have. When I did not accompany Will, I washed and sterilized the surge milkers, milk buckets, five and ten gallon milk cans, the hand operated bottle machine and the first milk cooler.

Often if Giles had some work to be done I cleaned the dairy barn, putting the manure in a large bucket that was raised and lowered by a chain hoist. This was attached to an overhead rail. When it was full, I took the bucket to the manure pit. I also had to clean the manure that was on the ground fifty feet away from the barn. This was a very messy job when the cows foraged on green grass.

After supper I washed, disinfected, and rinsed the bottles, and put them in the wire racks to be filled the next day. Most days I worked twelve to fourteen hours. The corn was for silage. The money I earned was given to my mother to buy school clothes and for household expenses. James was discharged from the Army in I worked the summer of The routine was about the same and I knew how to do any of the required work. When I accompanied James to deliver the milk, he would let me drive the truck to the city limits of Athens where I stopped at a wide spot in the road.

James would drive while I delivered the milk. When we had delivered the milk, we stopped as we left the city limits and I would drive back to the dairy. Pump House Hill had a lot of curves and was rather steep, so going up and down required changing gears often. James was an excellent teacher. He taught me how to double clutch going up and down in the gears. That was a big plus for me at fourteen. The ability to double clutch and the driving lessons taught by James were indeed helpful from that day on.

Virginia Mae Whitlow helped for the summer. She loved to sing and had a beautiful voice. She often helped me in the milk house washing bottles or milk cans and milk vessels when she was not helping Mona in the house or taking care of Jimmie, their son. We noticed two soldiers sitting on the edge of the sidewalk across the street from Jennings Drug Store. We gathered around the two soldiers.

One had a crutch and we started asking questions. They were returning from a rest leave to the Greenbrier Hotel, which had been converted into a military hospital for wounded and critical care soldiers. We asked them lots of questions and they related their experiences in the war. Some of the students returned to school for afternoon classes, but I stayed until all of the students had returned to class. I was enthralled with their war stories.

They were my heroes, and I decided I would wait with them until they caught a ride. They were hitchhiking via Route 20 to Hinton and then to the Greenbrier Hotel.

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At last a car stopped. They quickly shook my hand. One ran to the car and opened the door for his buddy, who was hobbling with his crutch. He then shut the door and opened his door. I told the teacher why I was late and received a slight Older mature skinny or large and Virgie as to my responsibility as a student. Adam Martin and I and some others started playing hooky.

We had been fortunate and had gotten away with it so far at school. Not even our parents suspected anything. We continued playing hooky in the tenth grade. In some infraction of the rules, a few of us were disciplined for our behavior. Once several of us went to the Sweet Shop near Concord College during the afternoon recess. As we walked back to the school, we were caught by the coach and taken to the office.

There were quite a few of us in the office. The Principal gave the usual five licks with the paddle. Two of us were to get twice the of licks with the paddle. The one boy said he would not take the ten licks and was expelled. The Principal expelled me for being off the school grounds. I stayed out of school for several days and Adam ed me. We had an agreement that if one was expelled, the other would stay out of school until he was readmitted.

I tried to get back in, but the Principal said that I could not be admitted until a parent came with me. It was very embarrassing. He dumped the excuses out on the desk. Mom thought I had been coming to school every day. I was readmitted. A boy who was ahead of me in school had run away from home. His plan failed and he returned to school. I ran away from home, but was found by Jack, my older brother.

The incident was very upsetting to my mother. I was asked a lot of questions by students when I returned to school. Well, this is part of my education. In the eleventh grade I attended the academic classes at Athens High School in the morning. We decided to skip school. So we went down by the Baptist Church around the hill and back to town where the Amoco gas station was located and operated by Bob Barrett. We pumped gas all day for fifty cents.

At school the next day, we were called to the office. We had a new principal, A. Hinkle, who had been principal at Matoaka High School in a coal mining town. He said that he had heard about us. He asked Adam why he was not in school yesterday. Adam replied quickly that it was raining, he got wet, returned home to change clothes, and did not return to school. He asked me why I was not in school. I had a hunch that he had seen us. I came clean and told him that I went to the Amoco station and pumped gas all day for fifty cents.

He replied that he had watched us go down by the Baptist Church. My hunch was right, but the surprise came when he said that he was not going to paddle us. The act of pure grace broke my heart. Adam and I never played hooky after that. At the vocational school there were seven different areas of study. Students spent six weeks in six of the seven areas.

The areas were: electric shop, welding, sheet metal, milling and shaping machine, machine shop, radio and coal mining. A pick and shovel had nothing to do with the coal mining area. They went to a building with a simulated mining shaft. Students worked on processes of ventilation, size of fans, air velocity, motor horsepower to operate a fan, and math to determine the flow of air through the mine.

I liked operating the lathe in the machine shop and the electric shop. A few of the students were handicapped. For them it was good that they could learn a trade winding armatures for electric motors repaired for the coal mining operation. Some of us listened to a Marine Corps recruiter. I was fired up about ing the Marine Corps, but Mom would not entertain the thought of my ing the Army or Marine Corps.

Since I was a rather rowdy, poor student, Margaret Ann was very apprehensive and upset because of the crucial situation confronting her. I went to Hans Creek and stayed in the farm house with his sisters, Sadie and Genevieve, who had both been school teachers. Robert and Gladys had ten children. Four were living at home at the time--Wilbur, Tully, Charles and Julia.

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They went swimming in the Mill Dam and later that day the boys invited me to go along. I did not own a swimsuit and neither did they. This became a ritual almost every evening after working on the farm until about mid-December. They talked to me about going to Greenville High School and playing football. It sounded like a good idea. I went out for football, but the coach, Rufus Houchins hated to inform me that I had to live in the county a year to be eligible to play football. I thought about going back to Athens, but Sminny liked it on the farm.

I graduated from Greenville High School in There were many chores on the farm, and not any of them that I could not do. While the plan was to be a secret between my mom, Of and the Larew family, it was not kept and I knew aand it early on. Skinnt, this experience on Hans Creek was a turning point in my life. My cousin, John Larew impacted my life in a positive way, as did Wilbur. Both were excellent role models. I am deeply indebted to the Larew family and their neighbors, and have fond memories of my stay on the Larew farm.

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