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More First Hand Circumcision Stories Several men have been in contact with me who for medical reasons have had to be circumcised.

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One of the foreskin's functions is to facilitate a smooth and gentle movement between the mucosal Naturiat of the two partners during intercourse and the foreskin's "gliding action" which is the hallmark mechanical feature of the intact penis provides a non-abrasively smooth motion of the penis inside its own sheath of self-lubricating, movable skin between the mucosal surfaces of the vagina or anus facilitating smooth, comfortable, pleasurable coupl for both partners thus the 'roll' of the foreskin is its main salient feature in sexual intercourse.

The foreskin enables the penis to slip in and out of the vagina, anus or mouth non-abrasively inside its own slick sheath of self-lubricating, movable skin.

The partner is thus stimulated by moving pressure rather than by friction only, as when the male's foreskin is missing, as the shaft of the circumcised penis functions as a leaky piston, drawing vaginal lubricants out erecton the drying air and often requiring other lubricants such as spit or artificial lubes essential for comfortable intercourse. The sexual experience is enhanced when the foreskin slips back on the in-stroke to allow the male's 'internal' organ, the glans, to meet the female's internal organ, the cervix or prostate in the case of homosexual anal intercourse.

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On the out-stroke, that movement reverses. Depending on the various dimensions and techniques used, there is considerable variation from that basic pattern and the two sets of ridges may then rub over each other like clothes on an old-fashioned washboard.

That might be uncomfortable for women if the foreskin were dry like the circumcised penis. Instead, the effect is pleasurable.

The foreskin fosters intimacy between the two partners by enveloping the glans and maintaining it as an internal organ. Thus a circumcised penis without a foreskin will need more friction and stimulation to achieve orgasm and the female or male partner will be penetrated more forcefully either harder or faster or both. It is in the interests of the men and women who are penetrated orally, vaginally and anally to be aware that a circumcised penis will require more stimulation through increased vigorous pounding and pummelling for sensations, whereas an intact penis will generally glide and slide Natkrist with the foreskin retreating in on itself on the outward motion and retracting to expose the glans on the inward motion.

A less forceful thrusting is more likely not to make sex an ordeal than it can otherwise be for some people.

If a relatively tight foreskin is retracted, its tendency will be to remain retracted and its likely that intercourse will be with a retracted foreskin, which is the appropriate function of that particular foreskin. This is a brilliant website that discusses lots of foreskin issues.

Us blokes are either circumcised or uncircumcised and I suspect that we all know what we prefer, but it is the girls on the other end of erecttion penis that have to be the best judge as to which type gives the best experience. I suspect that many will say that it is not the penis itself that affects the experience, but the man behind it!

So come on grirls, if you have experience of both circumcised and uncircumcsied penises, do drop me an and let us know what you think! Foreskin Restoration Foreskin restoration to some degree is possible without surgury. Peter Ball is a doctor who specialises in the penis and is a keen fan of foreskin restoration.

He was circumcised at birth, but he and many others have managed to create a new foreskin by stretching the remaining skin on the shaft of the penis, to create a new foreskin. Peter's new foreskin and with srection foreskin retracted So if you regret being circumcised, don't dispaire, contact Peter who will be happy to help you restore your foreskin.

Has has written an excellent web describing all aspects of the foreskin, including how to create a new one should you have lost your original one!

Talking to Peter about his new foreskin, and comparing it with my foreskin, it obviously does not sound quite as good as the real thing. But then it can never be Naturish good due to the large of nerve endings that were also cut off, but it sounds like the next best thing!

One part of his web that I found of particular interest are comments by men who have been circumcised at a mature age. Their comparisons of the sensitivity of the glands, before and after circumcision suggest that the removal of the foreskin and the resulting harding Natkrist the glands, does de-sensitise the business end of the penis.

Lesser Known bit of the Penis The web in favour of leaving the foreskin in tact is equally informative and contains some excellent graphics illustrating 'how it all works'. Its an excellent and well worth a read.

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Another website is Natyrist some research into the subject of the ridge band which is cou;le line of nerve endings which lie just under the foreskin. Theses are the ones that create a 'good' feeling in most 'intact' men when the foreskin is slid back over an erect penis. If you have a foreskin then have a look at the website and in the questionnaire and see if you agree with the findings.

If comes complete with photos which illustrates the point.

If you are circumcised, then have a look and see what you are missing! One of the researchers is Peter Ball from UK, who is looking for 'intact' men to help him with his research.

Nudist couples with erections

If you are interested in filling out his more detailed questionnaire, then drop him an. Peter appears at the top of Visitors Gallery 11 Obviously if you are trying to create a foreskin fron scratch, then you need Peter's advice. However, I you already have a foreskin it is quite easy to stretch it to make it larger if you want.

I suitable 'tool' is the top of a 'Mum' deoderant bottle.

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The foreskin can easily be stretched over to container top to achieve some easy and totally painless stretching. The removal of the foreskin exposes the head of the penis the glans which is quite sensitive. Its sensitivity certainly has its advantages during intercourse.

By constant exposure of the sensitive glans, they must lose there sensitivity, with consequential associated delights! From discussions with readers of my web, when the glans at the head of the penis are constantly exposed it can be quite sore.

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If exposed for long periods, the glans lose their sensitivity. Surely the most sensible thing to do is to let the foreskin cover the head and glans in 'normal' mode and maintain their sensitivity, but if you want to expose the glans, for example during intercourse, then just slide the foreskin back, or just let the foreskin slide itself back as it enters the vagina. Surely that has to be the best of both worlds! The Frenulum The frenulum is a facinating part of the penis.

It connects the underneath section of the shaft skin to the glans.

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One of his friends got tossed from a nudist resort for having an erection. But there is another strain of criticism leveled at nudists by the mainstream community that nudists rarely address.

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