Loyalty love lasting


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Wong, Ph. Our joy is multiplied and sorrow divided a thousand times, when we share our feelings with family and friends. In the final analysis, all of one's strengths and achievements would not mean very much, when one has to grow old and die alone, without a single friend or loved one. The positive psychology of optimal functioning sounds hollow indeed without a healthy dose of meaningful personal relationships.

Wong, Ph. Our joy is multiplied and sorrow divided a thousand times, when we share our feelings with family and friends.

Loyalty – the essence of all true love

In the final analysis, all of one's strengths and achievements would not mean very much, when one has to grow old and die alone, without a single friend or loved one. The positive psychology of optimal functioning sounds hollow indeed without a healthy dose of meaningful personal relationships.

The good life always flows like a river; it is never a dead sea, no matter how rich in deposits! Years have passed since cancer claimed the life of my good friend Tung. But even now, he is still very much part of my life. His kindness and his loyalty during a very difficult period of my life helped restore my faith Loyallty God and in humanity.

What a faithful friend he was- sticking closer than a brother through thick and thin, and willing to give his all to me without expecting anything in return. My life has become richer, because he remains part of the roots, which continue to provide nutrient and strength, which flow from me to others. In a real sense, he lives in and through me. For nearly 30 ,asting, Tung and I lived in separate parts of the world.

We seldom visited each other; nor did we write each other except for the yearly exchange of Christmas greetings. But we both knew that we could always count on each other, regardless of the circumstances. The bond holds, in spite of distance, time, separation and death. What is the most important invisible force that keeps individuals connected?

7 little ways to build loyalty in your relationship

What protects relationships from being broken by the storms of life? What is the cement that solidifies the bond between friends? What is the fuel that drives productivity? Loyalty immediately comes to my mind. But what is loyalty? Where does it come from? Intuitively, we know that it is more steadfast and sturdier than lastlng of love. It is even broader than friendship, because it is possible to have loyalty without friendship, such as loyalty to one's government or organization.

We can always point to a dog and say: "Here is an example of loyalty". Canine loyalty is legendary - How dogs risk their own lives to protect their masters; how they remain faithful in the face of poverty and temptation; and how forgiving they are even when their masters are abusive.

Loyalty love lasting

Such blind, slavish allegiance may not be an ideal model for human loyalty. But still we can learn some lessons from our Liyalty furry friends about what it means to be loyal.

Loyalty love lasting

The meaning of loyalty The dictionary meaning of the word "loyal" typically includes: a Unswerving in allegiance to one's sovereign or government, b Being faithful to a person, ideal, custom or organization, which one has an obligation to support; and c Being devoted and dedicated to some one to whom fidelity is due. These definitions imply that loyalty is born out of reciprocal relations and mutual trust. It is difficult to remain loyal, when loyalty is not reciprocated.

12 commandments of happy, long-lasting relationships

It would be difficult Loyapty continue a relationship after the betrayal of a trusted friend. But the heart of loyalty comes from precepts, such as duty and love, which are embedded in some moral philosophy. One may say that loyalty begins with faithfulness to one's own ethical principles. The benefits of loyalty are many.

Loyalty love lasting

It ennobles the soul, wards off temptations and transforms relationships. It is the guiding light for decisions and actions in a rapidly changing world. Olve is a commitment of the heart, an exercise of the will, based on the strength of one's character rather than the intensity of emotions.

The 4 irrefutable truths about love, loyalty and customers | nice systems

That is why loyalty can buoy us over troubled waters, even when feelings are hurt. Loyalty is the bedrock of all healthy and trustworthy relations; without loyalty, it is impossible for any relationship Loyaty survive the inevitable temptations to betray or desert. Loyalty can also be defined by exclusions. To be loyal means that you will never betray a friend's confidence for personal gains, and that you will not abandon a friend even when that association may jeopardize your advancement in the corporate or political world.

Definitely, you will not be part of any character assassination directed against your friend in spite of the pressure from your superiors and lastiny. It means Loyalty love lasting you will not listen to innuendoes and refuse to question your friend's integrity until you have direct confirmation. It also means that you will not give up on a relationship, simply because of some misunderstanding or difficulty.

Finally, it means that you will never exploit people's trust or misuse their loyalty. The marriage vow is supposed to be a pledge of mutual loyalty born of love. But loyalty has become rare in today's marriages. I still cannot believe what I heard from a graduate student, who was completing his Ph. In a casual conversation, when I enquired about his marriage he responded: "I've been married for three years.

Loyalty love lasting

She is a nurse, working to put me through graduate school. Right now, I lov happy with my marriage, but who knows. One day, when she no longer meets my needs, I'm afraid that would be the end of our marriage. Is loyalty only applicable to situations beneficial to him? In contrast, consider the example of Ruth of the Old Testament.

Loyalty love lasting

Ruth's mother-in-law Loyaly was from Judah, and she lost her husband and her two sons. Then Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, "Go back each of you to your mother's home. May the Lord show kindness to you, as you have shown to your dead and to me. May the Lord grant that each of you will find rest in the home of another husband" vs.

Loyalty, friendship, and love the essene of a true relationship

Thus, Noami blessed and released her daughters-in-law to return to their own homeland Moab. Basically, she was saying, "Don't stay here and suffer with me. Go and create a new life for Loualty.

Guess what was Ruth's reply? Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me" vs. Ruth's loyalty was extended to her mother-in-law and to her adopted country, regardless of the cost.

Loyalty love lasting

Her mind was made up and nothing could persuade her to abandon Naomi, who had suffered a series of blows and had lost everything. This is a perfect example of loyalty stemming from sacrificial love and moral duty.

+ life, love and loyalty ideas | me quotes, words, words of wisdom

Loyalty does not always make economic sense. At times, it seems totally foolish and irrational. But that is the beauty and power of loyalty, because it operates on lasring higher, spiritual plane. Loyalty sings a different tune, known only to those with an appreciative, faithful soul. The concept of loyalty is indeed rich and complex. Here are some features about loyalty, which deserve closer examination: It is unwavering faithfulness in good times and bad.

It involves the whole person - body, heart and soul. It demands honesty, courage and sacrifice. It reveals one's true character. It is a Loyaly response to trust and kindness. It is selective and reciprocal.

Loyalty love lasting

It is offered by faith but earned by trust. It is essential for building lasting relationships. It is a alsting to the good life.

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It is the foundation of any positive community It is a building block of a civil society. It is one of essential human virtues. It is an essential aspect of spirituality. It depends on the historical and cultural contexts. Loyalty has long been lov as a virtue in both the East and West, but it follows rather different philosophical traditions.

In the East, loyalty is duty-based and relationship-oriented, largely due to Confucius ' influence. Social order and world peace hinge on the practice of filial piety. Loyalty is the equivalent of filial piety in governing the relationship between ruler and ministers. The Chinese character loyalty Zhong or Chung contains two symbols: The top symbol stands for "center" or "middle", while the lower symbol stands for "heart" or "mind.

Often filial piety conflicts with loyalty to the state.

Loyalty love lasting

Sometimes, one is confronted with the moral choice between taking one's own life or taking other people's lives for what one believes. These conflicts are dramatized in the recent movie Hero. Rightly or wrongly, the protagonist Nameless Jet Lee resolves the dilemma of divided loyalties by giving up his plan to revenge for his parents and sacrificing his own life for the greater good - the prospect of creating a united and peaceful country. The Confuscian principle of loyalty has been extended to relationships between employer and employee and between friends.

It governs all sorts of relationships outside the family.

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