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Tenu, A. Considerations on the morphology and genesis of the Jurassic paleokarst in Farcu Hill area Southern Padurea Craiului Mountains, RomaniaBased on surface data and more than boreholes investigations in Farcu Hill area, in woemn Southern part of Padurea Craiului Mountains, the present paper deals with some features of the Jurassic fossil karst relief sunk now under limy Cretaceous deposits. Our purpose is both theoretical: to enrich the image about some factors and their evolution in modelating this paleorelief and practical: to detect bauxite bodies in this region by use of reconstructing methods, as is the isobathic map and geostatistical analysis of these data, in correlation with geological and geomorphological observations. Contributions to the investigation of the Padis karst area Bihor Mountains, Romania by means of resistivity measurements, Geological measurements are frequently used in karst investigation for the identification of underground cavities, of tectonic fractures which may favour the development of karst phenomena and for establishing the flow directions of corresponding groundwater bodies. Isvourl into the strong control that the dimension and burial depth of a certain anomalous body exert on the electrometric methods applicability, arrays with various depths of investigation were used.

Contributions to the investigation of the Padis karst area Bihor Mountains, Romania by means of resistivity measurements, Geological measurements are frequently used in karst investigation for the identification of underground cavities, of tectonic fractures which may favour the development of karst phenomena and for establishing the flow directions of corresponding groundwater bodies.

Taking into the strong control that the dimension and burial depth of a certain anomalous body exert on the electrometric methods applicability, arrays with various depths of investigation were used. The present paper included the of a survey performed above a known anomalous body, the cave of Padis, as well as that of a subsequent extended application of the methods over a wider area.

Lonely women Isvorul De Jos

The data interpretation resulted in maps of the karst drainage areas and in establishing flow directions of the groundwater bodies. The water-table level and the flow directions indicated by the soundings were adjusted according to the information derived from boreholes woen from tracing experiments. A lay-out of problems with exemplifications in Romania, The paper provides actual examples of the possibilities to apply environmental isotopes in determinating certain hydrogeological characteristics Isvroul parameters in carbon-matrix aquifers of economic importance in Romania.

Lonely women Isvorul De Jos

Interpretation of tracer experiments. Multi-cell of imperfect mixing, A new model is put Lpnely for the dispersion processes in hydrokarstic systems exhibiting more scales of mixing.

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An expansion using Laguerre polynomials is obtained for the residence time distribution. The first term in expansion corresponds to the standard multi-cell model while the following Isvogul corrections for imperfect mixing. The are applied to interpret D research on the dynamics of underground waters in the Cerna Valley. The karstic water participation in the genesis of the thermomineral water reservoir of the spa complex Calimanesti-Caciulata-Cozia RomaniaThe paper sets in evidence the karstic waters participation at the genesis of the thermomineral water reservoir exploited in the spas: Calimanesti, Caciulata, Cozia.

Lonely women Isvorul De Jos

The water-inflow zone is situated in the northern part of the thermomineral reservoir, at the base of the senonian sedimentary deposits. The karstic water proceeds from jurassic carbonate rocks, which outcrop in the Vinturarita zone. Hydrogeological map of the Padurea Craiului Mountains RomaniaThe hydrogeological map shown herein covers an area of sq. Owing to a varied geologic structure, with Mesozoic limestones and dolomites outcropping on sq.

The numerous karst catchment processes, of which some are in full progress at present, disorganized the surface hydrographic network, leading to the formation of an endoreic zone of roughly sq.

Lonely women Isvorul De Jos

The hydrologic links between these areas and the zones bordering the massif is secured by surface and underground flows. The great lithologic diversity and the different tectonization indices of the deposits in the lithologic structure of the Padurea Craiului Mountains led to the individualization of five groups that boast distinct models of underground water supply, circulation, storage and discharge.

In the hydrogeological map, the five types are separated cartographically and characterized hydrogeologically; the map also gives their detailed lithologic description. The wind blowing from north to north-east with a lot of vehement lifts in true cyclones the flames, transports the cover contained, long distances and distributes the fire of the city with an amazing whim From here, the fire stretched all over the left side of the street, burning all the more meaningful stores.

We have but consumed by flames an area that embraced the entire north side, from the extremity to the city center, about one thousand houses burnedin which many baratches that served shelter to the poor people in this part of the fair enter. The damage can be measured at a few million. When the firefighters from Iasi and Roman arrived, the fire was located. He came to our aid and the service of the pumps from Pascani train station.

Lonely women Isvorul De Jos

It took the city years to recover, especially in the center; the buildings were long in ruin. The look that the center has now, that is, the facades, are as it was recovered from the fire. Craftsmen worked on them from here, as well as some brought from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from Vienna or elsewhere. In the middle of it, where the hero's monument is, it was the vegetable market of the fair.

Lonely women Isvorul De Jos

In front of the brick buildings there were wooden shops and stalls, where the goods were exposed: vegetables and vegetables of all kinds, praised by every precupet, especially by Lipovans, who in their slum had gardens, as they also have now. The current form was taken after Jls Great War, when the market, moving to the great halls, built inthe wooden dughens removed. Conform memoriilor avocatului botosanean Ion N.

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Apateanu ce acopera perioadaLonely women Isvorul De Jos de curand la editura Agata, editie ingrijita de scriitorul botosanean Corneliu Filip, transformarea gradinii Varnav in parc englezesc, cu lac, movila, fantani arteziene, Loenly, berarie, scena de spectacole, etc a avut loc Isvroul tarziu, in perioada sub primariatul avocatului Eduard Ulle si a farmacistului Al. Smelt, ca ajutor de primar. We made a small change to the history of Belvedere Park.

According to the memoir of botosanean lawyer Ion N Apateanu covering the periodrecently appeared at Agata publishing house, an edition cared for by botosanean womne Corneliu Filip, the transformation of the Varnav garden into an English park, with lake, mound, artesian fountains, bowling, brewery, show scene, etc. Later, between under the mayor of lawyer Eduard Ulle and pharmacist Al. Smelt, as mayor's help. Domnul Moldovei, Grigorie Ghica, in semn de dragoste si prietenie ce purta Botosanilor, oras de care il legau multe aminitiri de familie, a cumparat casa de la A.

Basota, ca s-o daruiasca Eforiei orasului, in Recunoscatoare, o Moldavia, Grigorie Ghica, in a of love and friendship that Botosanilor, a city to which many family memories connected, bought the house from A. Basota, in order to give it to Eforia, in Grateful, the obstacle of the city addressed the warm ruler of public thanks. In the new building of the city hall, the Botosani Court, established since and which had worked in the houses of Neculai Damianovici, under the presidency of Alecu Ralet, probably until before when the Palace of Justice is mentioned from wimen Avenue.

At the court of the city Isvlrul building, the young Mihai Eminescu was hired for a short time. On Woen 4,the junele Mihai submitted to the Botosani Court a petition written in the most pompous terms and with the most distinguished spelling requesting the service of practitioner at this noble insituation. Let's recite what G tells.

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Lone,y The beautiful calligraphy and conception of the young practitioner did not go unnoticed and, in a short time, was appointed copist for the Standing Committee of Botosani County, with a salary of lei monthly, in exchange for which our countpist in the archive of the Prefecture with multiple and unnecessary official writings. Someone, who lived near him at the time, remembers a strong and fat Eminescu, diligent and smiling, speaking well of the secretary of the prefecture, who was a baptized Jewish person and reading Eliade Radulescu, the Tandaliada to whom he especially made fun of.

At this time, the word was that he went with his brother-Matei to Dumbraveni, where he would have found out the story of a granddaughter of Balusoaei born Biberstein and who had been a singer at the Imperial Theater in Vienna : what do you mean the niece of the singer He fell in love with a beautiful son of Gheorghe Hodoroaba from Veresti, as the girl stealing yellow from her aunts, she ran riding to Veresti to meet the son near Suceava water Loneoy how, finally, letting go of the horse He would have returned to Dumbraveni, not at the castle gate.

Eminescu was sitting like thorns. On several occasions you must have tried to indulge Gh. Eminovici should allow him to go to Cernauti, to take his exams, until finally brother Serban arrives, back then a sophomore student at Erlangen, who reprove parents for letting such a boy mold among the entry books and exit of the prefecture. Left, but that Eminescu will re with the money from his salary to mind his book.

What Eminescu and did, through another petition addressed to the president of the permanent committee of Issvorul Botosani county council, on March 5th Thus ends the first career as a civil servant Lonely women Isvorul De Jos the young poet. Pistner — Botosani, Cliseu Union Bucuresti.

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Circulata in septembrie Pistner - Botosani, Cliseu Union Bucharest. Circulated in September Once, long ago, I passed her in an autumn twilight. But the memory had faded, leaving me only a reluctant gazebo and a few yellow spots.

This time we arrived in Botosani, in May. I found myself in a quiet world, without the roars of Bucharest's salesmen, without cars and without the scrimmage of the answers. Whoever enters this city, bringing with themselves no matter how little Romanian literary history and the memory of a few beloved poems in their youth, feels secretly wrapped by the shadow of Eminescu's poetry. Illusion or truth, it seems to you that between the quiet, slightly deserted and patriarchal appearance of Lonely women Isvorul De Jos corner of the world and the mirage of the Eminescian recall, there is an undeniable connection.

An old boyar house, lost among old trees and virgin puddles, a hidden trail, in a bat grove, each, aged snow and branches An elementary thought, here at the doorstep for anyone no matter how wide, no matter how tight the step of their thought gives birth again and again obsesses: - Eminescu crossed these streets. He thought, he suffered, he caught the first icons, from the treasure of the Romanian poetry, here, among these paths with bats. He was a frisky child, he was young with his service at the Court of First Instance, he was the sad loser of the latter days, here, in Botosani.

A friend told me that nearby, on the place where he picks up, I don't know what official local The house in which Eminescu, in the yearwas sitting with a deserted and detunated head, was also next to his paralytic sister, Enrieta. In this garden, the illusion is even stronger and the deathless harmonies of Eminescu's poetry materializes in each cradled branch and overflows into the trough of the present clock, from each bush, with grangs and blackbirds.

The garden is lonely and with blooming breasts, flooded by the sun.

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Far away, under the Carpeni, half in the shadows, half incandescent, a white dress comes out. A few grasshoppers, with large payable hats, overthrow carelessly, the otava frightened. Of course, they were still here, in those days of May, heavy heart, when the most unfortunate son of Botosani, Isvoru, the sick and maybe the hungry Eminescu, rested on this bench, the Jls of his life and genius.

It's been so long since then!. For almost forty years, the most knowledgeable and sensible scholars in our society have mourned both the sad fate and prostrated before the Eminescian beauty. However, this beauty is part of our substance today so much, that we can no longer smell lime flowers, except through Eminescu and we can only look at the moon sky through the lenses of its brilliant deciphering power, sadness, sorrow and revolt they will never fade or find atonement.

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In the ass of the garden, beyond the curtains of the old trees and beyond the alleys full of the Arabes of light and shadow, a rise of land, another time crowned with a kiosk. But the troubled squalls blew over the city, in the last few years, and the kiosk shattered together with other houses and other embodiments of Botosani. There is left of the kiosk, a podine and a ladder with dislocated steps. But from above, oLnely the bridge, the garden decreases and comes out of imprecision, and the other world appears widely unfolded, to the zare, around lying on the forests.

Botosanii are avoided in the distance by invariably forest hills. Here, on the podine, the garden's svon, wind torso and living piculins from the grove, reach thin and crystalline charm. Victory, the friend who accompanied me, we lay our mantles on the bridge and we sleep facing heaven. Stingless clouds, moody clouds, Isborul fluff clouds slipping through blue mirrors.

We look through the spider of our eyelashes the beauty of air fickle and we let ourselves be caressed by the rustling of so many living leaves by the love Jks so many unseen birds. Podina grows with us to heaven. A large truce within us and around us, sweetly comes and brings us out of reality. For what we don't Lonely women Isvorul De Jos where we came from, what are the needs we were struggling with yesterday, in this time, what are the pains we will have to face tomorrow at the same time.

All these thoughts and vision are melting in the wave blue from above, melting in this May afternoon's buried peace.

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But we are in the garden, where Eminescu's sadness and obsession, ragged and sick, will never be atoned for! Over these treasures of sun, white clouds and more blooming, will wave above the sifted lazy: Everything is lost in the youth zone. And move the sweet mouth of other Llnely. And time grows behind me. Wmen in us becomes mirror and doppelganger to these immortal lyrics. Youth is far away!. The story of the days that have been is done.

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