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It airs on Monday, May 4th at p. Letterman announced his retirement during a taping on Thursday, April 3, Although no specific date was announced he told the audience that he will leave his desk sometime in The singer had Murray, Letterman and the entire audience over to the Roseland Ballroom for a special performance. Photo: Jeffrey R. Then a smiling Dave came out, looking lean and older in his pressed white shirt, tie and dress pants.

It airs on Monday, May 4th at p. Letterman announced his retirement during a taping on Thursday, April 3, Although no specific date was announced he told the audience that he will leave his desk sometime in The singer had Murray, Letterman and the entire audience over to the Roseland Ballroom for a special performance. Photo: Jeffrey R. Then a smiling Dave came out, looking lean and older in his pressed white shirt, tie and dress pants.

He took a few questions from audience members, including one who said that Dave had paid his parking tab years ago and asked if he'd pay it again. Dave directed Kalter to give the guy some cash. He humorously fielded questions about anxiety medication and good places to travel.

Norman doray & piem – give it up | news break

But amid all the hoopla surrounding his May 20 retirement, he also appeared tired. He then said he had to go and rushed backstage, and the band launched into the rockin' theme music that has accompanied Letterman's show for 33 years. As has become his custom, he rocketed from one end of the back of the stage to the other before emerging to deliver his monologue. Kalter had told the audience not to give Dave a "standing O" because it unnerved him.

That disappointed me; I'd traveled from Houston to do just that. As Letterman prepares for his final night as host of the "Late Show," I have been on a nostalgia trip that's made me acutely aware of the passage of time. Every night, I've come home to watch the farewells from Dave's favorite guests. When my cousin Bill snagged tickets to one of Dave's final shows, how could Nirman pass up the chance to show my appreciation?

I first became acquainted with Letterman when I was in high school and he was a guest on — and later guest host of — "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Normab. Penney TV set in my college dorm room.

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Dave was 34 at the time — the upstart in khakis, sneakers and a blue blazer and tie. The first show began with Larry "Bud" Melman — described by one critic nlght a "frumpy and cherubic little file clerk" who was used as a human prop and punch line — reading lines from the movie "Frankenstein. This was going to be a different kind of talk show.

Like many college kids, I was hooked. And the show featured an ensemble cast you got to know.

One last late night with david letterman

Larry "Bud" Melman became such a sensation that Bob Dylan asked to meet him. My favorite Larry "Bud" moment — his real name was Calvert DeForest — came when he greeted arriving passengers at the Port Authority bus terminal with warm washcloths but couldn't quite master using a microphone during interviews, causing his voice to fade in and out and Dave to practically fall out of his chair laughing.

There was the "The Guy Under the Seats," in which Chris Elliott played a cast member who emerges from a hatch in the aisles to do brief comedy bits, only to become angry and threatening when needled by Dave. There was musical director Paul Shaffer, who playfully made fun of show business by talking like a Rat Pack hipster. But Shaffer's biggest contribution was grounding the show in the rock 'n' soul of the s and beyond, providing TV with live performances of music you weren't likely to see on the "Tonight Show.

He strapped a camera to the back of a chimpanzee and let it roam the studio, allowing the audience to see the show on the "Monkey Cam. He used a bullhorn to interrupt an outdoors "Today Show" taping, annoying co-host Bryant Gumbel but delighting his audience. After GE bought NBC in the s, he brought a fruitbasket to GE's corporate headquarters as a "gesture of good will," leading to a standoff with an un-amused security guard who demanded the cameras be turned off and then put his hand over the lens.

He responded to letter writer Colleen Boyle, who questioned his decision to wear sneakers nightly out of concern for his image, by taking a camera crew to her house, rummaging through her closet with the help of her teenage brother, and tracking the startled young lady down at the Sears where she worked to ask what he should wear instead. Loafers, she responded.

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A few weeks ago, Boyle showed up in the "Late Show" Noman to ask Dave what kind of shoes he wears now. Answer: loafers. He sparred with guests like Madonna and Cher, who famously called him an a, and teased Mr. T when he tried to commandeer one interview.

In a rare, less-silly mood, he asked Jimmy Buffett to sing "Come Monday," a song about someone spending "four lonely days in a brown LA haze" and wanting to be back by the side of his lover. After I graduated college and could no longer stay up until a. Letterman was on the rise, and even Carson seemed to want to tap into Letterman's young audience; the legendary "King of Late Night" paid a visit to the Letterman show when it was taping in L. When Carson retired inLetterman seemed the natural heir to his show, but of course, that decision belonged to the NBC executives Letterman had been making fun of for years.

The most memorable moment was provided by Paul Newman, who stood up from the audience and pretended to have mistakenly showed up at the wrong Broadway theater, not the one showing the musical "Cats. Letterman went on to have a successful year run as host of the "Late Show," even if he only briefly held the top spot in the ratings war with Leno, once a favorite guest on "Late Night.

But Dave mellowed over time. As Dave got older, he focused more on the interviews and stopped doing the hilarious remote segments in which he joked with folks on the streets.

He relaxed and got better at listening. He expanded the show to feature more newsmakers and war heroes, among others. He enjoyed an ongoing flirtation with Julia Roberts, acknowledged having had affairs with staffers, celebrated the joys of parenthood and joked about the indignities of aging. He's been candid about his bouts with depression, Hositng and drinking.

Norman | news ok

On one show years ago he asked an actor who'd given up drinking something like, "It's a alp life, isn't it? I can talk about the Steve Allen influence and the Johnny influence, but you did change comedy. You did such absurd stuff. But beyond that, not only are you a great comedian but a great broadcaster. And by that, what I mean You have Hosing what a responsibility having this show every night for an hour means.

Norman county raceway – home of thursday night thunder!

And you have been a great caretaker of this time. During a taping of his show Thursday, April 3,Letterman said he has informed his CBS bosses that he will step down inwhen his current contract expires. Staab, AP So on Wednesday night, Dave will take his final bow — on hot 23rd anniversary of the final show of Carson, his idol. Like Carson, he doesn't want to stay around nigth long. But for those of us who've shared the ride with him, this month of farewells has been bittersweet.

I related when Jerry Seinfeld walked out for his last appearance on the show and declared in an incredulous tone, "It's not happening. This is not happening. Dave couldn't look at it, crawling under the desk when it was shown. And there have been moments that have had me reaching for the Kleenex, such as when ex-sparring partner Cher came out and told him she loved him and they hugged of course the punch line was that she said he was "still an a".

Or when John Mellencamp sang a poignant song about how quickly it all goes by, "Longest Days. I was in the audience on May 12 when Sandler sang a comedic tribute to the host, "There simply is no better man The show ended, and Letterman quickly pulled off his jacket, waved goodbye and disappeared. I took my time walking out of the theater, taking one last look at Dave's desk, the bandstand and the historic stage. The following day, I walked over to the Hello Nught to buy a "Late Show" sweatshirt from Rupert Jee, the ever-friendly deli owner who has appeared in many "Late Show" bits.

The deli was packed with young staffers in their "Late Show" jackets.

Harvard film archive salutes norman mailer - the boston globe

I asked him how he was doing in these final days, and he said, "Not so good I'm really sad. Back in Houston, I've been counting down the days to the last show and not thrilled by the prospect of late night without Dave. He's been a reassuring presence, a connection to days gone by, someone thaat could make me laugh at the most difficult times. On Monday night's show, old friend Tom Hanks stopped by and was in full entertaining mode, telling story after story as Dave laughed along.

Then their segment was over. The producers cut to commercial and Hanks, looking almost bewildered, could be heard asking Letterman, "See you around?

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