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Well, in my beginning, anyway. She was Florine Mahoney, my father's widowed mother. My parents and I lived with her and Daddy's brothers from my earliest memories until I was almost six. She was "Rena" to her family, "Mama" to her kids, and "Granny" to me.

No charge, small collection for wine and postcards. Note the discrepancies with Hamalian's transcription of the text of the card. Was there a different card or was Hamalian taking "poetic liberties"? There is also occasionally a date given for this event of December, no specific day. Entry by: e. Her arrest le to the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott by the black community. The community sustained the boycott until the buses were desegregated on Dec.

Commonwealth of new virginia

Add'l Info: After administering psychological tests, such as the Rorschach, to groups of homosexual and heterosexual males, Hooker's research concludes homosexuality is not a clinical entity and that heterosexuals and homosexuals do not differ ificantly. Hooker's experiment becomes very influential, changing clinical perceptions of homosexuality. Add'l Info: Thus daring the series Virginiq events that le to the controversy over Rosenthal as editor publishing excerpts from William Burroughs' manuscript Naked Lunch and the subsequent suppression of the Wiinter issue containing the third installment of Burroughs' work.

Source: Brennan, Gerald E. Steele, and Fred L. Shuttlesworth establish the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, of which King is made the first president. Add'l Info: The SCLC becomes a major force in organizing the civil rights movement and bases its principles on nonviolence and civil disobedience. According to King, it is essential that the civil rights movement not sink to the level of the racists and hatemongers who oppose them: "We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline," he urges.

Source: Infoplease. The Ballangees are of French descent.

Hippie men dating New Richmond West Virginia

We have information as to the naming of Big and Little Bluestone Rivers, which is that the Big Bluestone flows in its upper course over clear bluestone rocks. The Greenbrier River was so named by the explorer, General Lewis, by reason of the great growth of green briers which he found growing on its banks in such masses that he had difficulty in penetrating into the region.

New River is stated to have been of a late discovery. It is really the head waters of the Great Kanawha, but when discovered in the Wewt territory was considered a new discovery and called New River, because it was supposed to be an entirely unknown stream and a new discovery, otherwise it should be Kanawha to its source. Pipestem Creek, because of its peculiar windings; both the Lick Creeks, by reason of the great deer and meen licks thereon, and the place where the Green Sulphur Rihcmond, and the other where the salt works were afterwards located; Mognet Branch near Hinton, from a man by the name of Mognet; Powley's Creek, which empties into the Menn near the west end of the Big Bend Tunnel, after the first settler, of whom we have no information; Meadow Creek, because the stream he in and flows through a section of country called the "Little Meadows," because of the flat land mostly and great grass-producing country.

Landcraft, an old settler and progressive citizen, who acquired Richmonr residence where Jos.

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Haynes now lives, and the old Pack Ferry, which was then a mile above the present ferry and a mile above the Virginai of Bluestone. This ferry has had some history-making litigation between Jos. Haynes and later Thos. Haynes was victorious and the ferry moved to its present location. Railway and the formation of the county, which were practically simultaneous.

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Virgunia The post office at Talcott was first known as Rollinsburg, named after Charles K. Rollyson, who owned all the lands around and has left as his descendant and our present citizen. Rollinsburg was on the opposite side of the Greenbrier River from Talcott, at which place resided George W. Chattin, an enterprising farmer, who owned the bottoms there and whose descendants still own the same.

Among his children are Mrs. Ballangee, Mrs. Giles H. Ballangee and John and Oscar Chattin; and J.

Commonwealth of new virginia - microwiki

Lowell was named after the two brothers. Talcott Post Office and town were named after Capt. Talcott, a civil engineer, who aided in the construction of the C. It was here that Dr. Carden, and located at Talcott, where he died during the building of the Virginla Bend Tunnel. He was the father of A. Bray, the accomplished telegrapher, and now cashier of the First National Bank of Ronceverte.

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The widow still resides with her daughter, Mrs. Frank L. Cox, in Hinton, Mr. Cox being one of the most expert train dispatchers and railroad men in the service. Bray left a monument in the magnificent survey and plat of the old West land survey in Pipestem District and Mercer County. Its mechanical appearance can not be excelled, and no price will buy it.

Hinton took its name from the old family of that name, and especially after Evan Hinton, who promoted the establishment of the county. The Hintons did not own or occupy any part of the present territory of the city of Hinton, that land being owned by the heirs of Isaac Ballangee, of which Mrs. Breen is one of the heirs.

Avis was named after Mrs. She was born inand died inaged ninety-two years. Hallidon was the name of a post office established at the residence of Wm. Miller as postmaster. After a few years this route was discontinued as impractical.

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Sandstone Depot, between the mouths of Lick and Laurel Creek, was originally New Richmond Depot, same as the post office and falls of Richmons river; but when the extension of the Rcihmond was made a few years ago from Huntington to Cincinnati, a station a few miles east of Cincinnati was named New Richmond, and the name of the old depot on Virginua River changed to Sandstone, as there is at that place a sandstone quarry, at one time operated and producing a very fine building stone, and the railway company and John A.

Richmond, the owners of the surrounding land, being antagonistic to each other, by reason of Mr. Meadow Creek station was built when the railroad was completed. William Gwinn one of the oldest settlers, owned the land, and upon his agreement to give the right of way to the company, it agreed to Nee a station at that point.

He conveyed the right of way, and the company built the depot, established its station, but locked it up, Virgiinia for some time provided neither a station nor agent, nor did it stop its trains, all of which was, however, later adjusted, and a station has been operated at that place for a of years. This illustrates, however, how sometimes injudicious acts of injudicious agents bring honorable corporate enterprises into dispute.

Ballangee, and named for him, that being one of the family names of one of the Hippie men dating New Richmond West Virginia and most respectable Virgunia families in this region. At one time the raising and manufacturing of tobacco in that neighborhood was a profitable industry, long since abandoned. A tobacco factory was constructed and operated at that place for many years, the then modern presses and machinery being acquired and utilized for the manufacture of the chewing tobacco and smoking tobacco, but not of cigars, John and William Roberts, Joseph Ellis and James Mann and J.

Cary Woodson being the owners from time to time, but Virginiaa raising of the weed Wext less profitable, time enterprise was finally abandoned, and the property permitted to fall into decay. The old tobacco factory at Viryinia place is now owned by John Garten, who purchased it from the late James Mann, of Alderson.

Pack now lives, was so named because of the great growth of leatherwood brush there. Kesler Springs is named for the discoverer, Bunyan L. Hinton as postmaster, but after a short while it was abandoned. There are interesting traditions in regard to the discovery and naming of New River, the principal river of this section of West Virginia. It is claimed by Major Hotchkiss that it was named by a man by the name of New, who had a ferry somewhere in the upper territory.

Hippie men dating New Richmond West Virginia

It is claimed by others that it was, when discovered, a new river, not shown by any maps, and for that reason took the name of New River from its source to its mouth. By others it is claimed that the entire river was known as the Kanawha from its Hjppie to its mouth. The Kanawha River was not named, however, until On some of the old maps New River is shown as New River, or Virginiaa River, from its source to its mouth at Point Pleasant, and on others it is the Kanawha from its mouth to its source; later, it was called New or Woods River from its Virrginia to the mouth of Greenbrier, and Kanawha thence to its mouth; still later, and at the present, it is Kanawha from its mouth to the mouth of Gauley, and New River Vjrginia that point up to its source, the name of Woods River having become obsolete.

To show the claims of French datung over this territory at one time, we mention the fact that ina resident of Point Pleasant, a young man by the name of Beall, unearthed a lead plate at Point Pleasant, just years after the French had printed it, the French having planted it at the foot of a tree, claiming dominion over all of the region west of the Allegheny Mountains.

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The duplicate copy of this original plate and inscription is preserved among the French national archives. The found plate has been lost by the Ned being cheated out of it. The Tug River was named during the Andrew Lewis expedition to the Big Sandy inbecause his men became so straitened for food they ate the thugs from cow hides. The Ohio has had all kinds of names.

In it was called Dono.

In a Dutch map calls it Cubach. A map of calls it O-O. In it is called Ochio. In it is called Sabongungo. The Delawares called it Kittono-cepe.

Hippie men dating New Richmond West Virginia

The Wyandottes called it Oheezuh, the grand or beautiful. In some of the early Pennsylvania treaties with the Iroquois they got to spelling it Oheeo; in it went by the name of Ohio, or Hohio. In the French called it O-Yo, dwting Ohio, not giving it a new name, but rendering it into French deations, most of Wesy were equivalent to beautiful river.

The Greenbrier was originally spelled Greenbriar. The Delawares called it O-ne-pa-ke-cepe, and the Miamis called it We-o-to we-cepe-we. Cepe-we in Indian means river. Gauley River is supposed to have been taken from the French Gaul, ey being added.

The Indian name was Chin-que-ta-na-cepe-we. Richmons River was on the early maps spelled Cole, and was named in by Samuel Cole, who, with some others, on returning from Hjppie Lewis Big Sandy expedition, among whom was Andrew Lewis, got over onto and followed up this river and cut their names on a beech tree near the junction of the Marsh and Clear Forks, which remained legible there until in recent years, when it was cut down by some vandal in clearing the ground.

Since the discovery of minerals and coal along this river in quantities, the name Richmons spelled Coal. He was a stranger passing through the country during a cold snap, and was found at the foot of a chestnut tree, having given out in the storm and sunk down, to rise no more. This occurred in the early part of the eighteenth century. Panther Knob in Jumping Branch District was named by a man killing a large panther thereon.

Shockley Hill in Pipestem took its name from the fact that a man by the name of Shockley eWst killed by the Indians in the early settlement of the country. Barker, of this county. He was killed by the Indians on this ridge in the early days on that mountain.

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